“If you’re looking for a coach to help grow your business, I highly recommend Jane Blaufus.

Before working with Jane, I had a good business, but it was unfocused and I felt overwhelmed as to how to properly plan for growth of both new and existing clients.

Since working with Jane, my business has clear, measurable objectives – I know what I want my business to look like. I’ve put the proper supports in place – administration, marketing, and succession planning — so that I can concentrate on my clients, increase my client base, and know that when I eventually retire that they are in good hands. As a result, my income has increased and I am much more confident that I can continue to expand without being overwhelmed. As well as a thriving business, I have a life!

I highly recommend Jane because she is a knowledgeable and practical coach. She keeps me on track, provides me with great advice on marketing and planning, and challenges me to stick to my plans. Jane’s support and advice have contributed to my ongoing success”.

Eloise Arlint, CHS
Financial Security Advisor/Investment Representative


I had the pleasure of having Jane speak at our Women’s Leadership Xchange luncheon. WOW! Jane is an energetic, passionate, and dynamic speaker. She speaks from the heart and captures an audience with every word. Jane’s message was an important one for all women in the room.

Her story is an emotional one that had everyone sitting on the edge of their seats and feeling the experience as if they were right beside Jane as it happened.

Jane is very talented and I would recommend her in a heartbeat!

Megan Harris, Director, Communications at the City of Waterloo


Jane Blaufus deftly mixes all the necessary ingredients for a top notch book. She addresses and educates her readers on the painful subject of illness and death and the “business” side of dealing with it. She combines her years of experience in the insurance world along with personal stories and wraps it all up with a good dose of humour and common sense. As a therapist, I insist all my clients have a copy.

Heidi Cowie, Life Coach, Author and Speaker


One minute. That’s how fast you can lose a loved one – and then it’s too late. A veteran of the life insurance industry, Jane Blaufus had always thought that if anything unthinkable happened to her, she would be well prepared and able to handle it better than others would. Wrong!

At times heart-wrenching, at times laugh out loud funny, the revised and updated version of her bestselling book WITH THE [STROKE] OF A PEN: Claim Your Life, is the perfect guide to making the essential preparations for a serious illness or death so you won’t suffer undue financial hardship or leave your loved ones in the lurch after you’re gone. Jane candidly shares her personal story, offering a wealth of advice as well as hope that, like her, you will one day come out of the dark to learn to live and love again.

Highlights include:

  • Chapter 8 (Daddy’s Little Girl) written by Jane’s daughter, who offers the unique perspective of what it’s like to be a child going through the loss of her father, with advice and tips to children and parents.
  • A 33-page Master Checklist containing a goldmine of thought-provoking questions regarding establishing a financial safety net, understanding legal and tax matters, planning a funeral, choosing an executor and legal guardians, and so much more.

It is Jane’s firm belief that we have an obligation to ourselves and to those we love to make sure we leave this world in an organized manner, and this book along with her companion planning binder will help you to do just that. The peace of mind that comes with knowing you are fully prepared is invaluable. Don’t put it off – order Jane’s book and binder today and get ready to, with the stroke of a pen, claim your life!