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WITH THE [STROKE] OF A PEN®, Claim your life

Introducing the Only Book You Should Never Loan to a Friend!

Author and Speaker Jane Blaufus has just released the third edition of her popular book WITH THE [STROKE] OF A PEN®, Claim your life, chronicling her personal journey after the tragic death of her husband with the hope that her story will be the catalyst for courageous conversations across all generations.

WITH THE [STROKE] OF A PEN®, Claim your life is the gripping story of a 25-year veteran of the life insurance industry who found herself stunningly ill-prepared for the overwhelming life changes and challenges that occurred after the sudden loss of her husband. All her financial know-how and planning did not prepare her for the emotional aftermath the loss of a husband, father and friend would bring. Left behind to shoulder blow after blow, author Jane Blaufus candidly reveals how despite her expertise as an insurance professional so much had been left unsaid between her husband and herself.

WITH THE [STROKE] OF A PEN®, Claim your life, follows Jane’s story as she shares the emotional fall-out a family experiences with the sudden loss of a loved one, with a sense of humor and self-effacing wit. This survivor shares the raw truth of her emotional breakdown, which for most is sadly often compounded by a financial tsunami and legal woes that can overwhelm them – creating chaos that can last for several generations and ultimately impact the community at large.

As Jane learned, a will is not enough. By sharing her story she hopes families and friends can start to have those courageous conversations we all fear, make decisions we don’t want to talk about, and learn from her oversights, so people can move on with their healing and eventually their lives. The takeaway’s at the end of each chapter offer much needed practical tips and considerations – starting points for those discussions we rarely make time to have. And through her tenacious research and own expertise she has compiled the most comprehensive checklist an individual or family will ever need.

  • Discover key documents and arrangements you must prepare in the event of a terminal illness or death from four key areas – financial, legal, accounting and funeral pre-arrangement planning.
  • Use the comprehensive checklist at the end of the book to ensure you’ve not missed anything, and keep it as part of your pre-planning arrangements.
  • Learn how to help your children prepare for an illness or death both emotionally and financially.

But what makes this book so great is the story-telling. A gifted writer with a twisted sense of humour, Jane does not muddle the story with financial jargon, and preachy doctrine, rather she shares her lessons with candor and wit. This is not a how to, but a how I take charge kind of book. And this is NOT a book to be loaned to friends. Rather, this is one to be shared, gifted and dog-eared with the ones you love and care about.

In a gut wrenchingly honest portrayal that will open your eyes and start courageous conversations with spouses, children, parents and grandparents, Jane empowers readers by de-constructing common myths as she helps people prepare for the unthinkable and make life changing choices clearly and thoroughly. She holds true to her mantra that “we have an obligation to ourselves and to those we love to make sure that we leave this world in an organized manner”.

Jane Blaufus is a highly sought after speaker and guest expert who is as moving in person as she is on paper.

Her first edition sold out in less than 1 year and she is releasing the second edition with an additional, and in hind-sight, much needed chapter on Dating 201. An exciting new forward by Pattie Lovett-Reid, Chief Financial Commentator, CTV News Channel will reveal how everyone, financial expert or not, can relate to and find lessons in Jane’s book.

We hope you enjoy it, AND Keep the Book!


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