My coaching clientele all share three common traits: they listen, embrace feedback and implement what we discuss. Here are the top five strategies we work on together to help them to grow their business so they make more money, sleep soundly at night and have fun along the way.

1. Know your numbers – you cannot run a successful business if you have no clue as to whether you are profitable or broke. Many people have confessed to me that they hate the numbers and my response to that is always that they need to learn to love them otherwise be prepared to close the doors. If you hate bookkeeping then hire someone to do it for you but make sure you meet with your bookkeeper at least quarterly to do a full review. Successful business owners can quote you their numbers at any given time.

2. Embrace sales – you are the face of your company and therefore you are the head of your sales and marketing department. If you are in business, then you are in sales – end of story! If you hate sales, work with a coach who has a strong sales background and learn how to be a good salesperson. All successful business people have embraced sales and made it as important to their success as breathing is to life.

3. Know your market – all successful business owners have an ideal client profile and know their market. They do not try to sell their product or service to everyone. They have narrowed it down and know who they work best with, what demographic would be most interested in what they have to offer and they strategically target that market.

4. Work with a business coach – successful business people view working with a coach as an investment and not an expense. They know they cannot succeed by going at it alone and have invested in their own personal and professional development to compliment their strengths and shore up their areas that need development. Did you know that working with the right business coach may be a tax deductible investment? Check this out with your bookkeeper

5. Hire an assistant – this is the one I get the most push back on and the reason always is “I can’t afford one”. Well, I have news for you. You cannot afford to be without one! Successful business owners know what their time is worth an hour and they focus on what they do best and outsource the rest. You do not need to hire someone full time, get a virtual assistant to start and hire him or her for a set amount of hours a month. Successful business owners know how important it is to focus on their strengths and to delegate the rest.

To Your Success!