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What clients say about coaching with Jane

If you’re looking for a coach to help grow your business, I highly recommend Jane Blaufus.

Before working with Jane, I had a good business, but it was unfocused and I felt overwhelmed as to how to properly plan for growth of both new and existing clients.

Since working with Jane, my business has clear, measurable objectives – I know what I want my business to look like.  I’ve put the proper supports in place – administration, marketing, and succession planning — so that I can concentrate on my clients, increase my client base, and know that when I eventually retire that they are in good hands.  As a result, my income has increased and I am much more confident that I can continue to expand without being overwhelmed.  As well as a thriving business, I have a life!

I highly recommend Jane because she is a knowledgeable and practical coach.  She keeps me on track, provides me with great advice on marketing and planning, and challenges me to stick to my plans.  Jane’s support and advice have contributed to my ongoing success”.

Eloise Arlint, CHS
Financial Security Advisor/Investment Representative


Over the past year, working with Jane has brought tremendous success to my business and to me personally.  Not only did she help me to articulate my vision and develop my niche market, she was instrumental in building my confidence and leadership skills which has proved rewarding in client acquisitions and team structure.  Through Jane’s connections, she was able to get me nationally published and put me in touch with other professionals that will enhance my business going forward.  Jane provided structure, guidance and the tools to keep me focused, on-task and accountable with customized projects that propelled my business forward.

I cannot thank you enough Jane!  You have helped lay a foundation that will take my business to new heights”.

Karen Roy, CFP, EPC, FLMI Principal
Spectrum Financial Strategies Inc.


HPN Faculty Member | Recommended Speaker | Coach


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