A Legacy of Love

Another Valentine’s Day has come and gone. The champagne is finished, your flowers may have sighed their last breath and the chocolates have somehow mysteriously [...]

Do You Have a Money Tree?

The holidays have come and gone, the bills have arrived and many are starting to look at how they are going to pay those bills [...]

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Business Success Requires a Road Map!

If you were going to take a road trip from Toronto to Florida  this year do you think you would simply get up one day [...]

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National Stepfamily Day

A little-known holiday is celebrated in the US on September 16 called National Stepfamily Day. Although it is not a true “national day” because that [...]

A Dream Come True!

As you read this, I have just wrapped up four days in Vancouver with 11,000 of my closest new friends. What an absolute thrill of [...]

Part of the Sandwich Generation?

No, I do not mean that you grew up liking sandwiches. The ‘sandwich generation’ is a growing demographic within the baby boomers (born 1947-1966) and [...]

The One Relationship Everyone Should Have

Every time I see a headline like this, I automatically think about relationships with other people such as one’s spouse, child, parent, etc. Today I include in this very important set of relationships my financial advisor and right about now you are probably asking yourself ‘what in the world is she talking about?’. Read more.

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September – Life Insurance Awareness Month

This weekend a piece of Ontario history burned to the ground with the overnight loss of the St. Jacob’s farmer’s market. Ironically, my husband and I had just been there the afternoon before and it had been a long time since our last visit. Read More.

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What Can Individuals Learn From The Detroit Bankruptcy?

An article by Jill Schlesinger, Business Analyst at CBS News got me thinking about what all of us could learn from this tragic collapse.

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Will you need it, or will you provide it?

No one likes to have to have the ‘courageous conversation’ with their parents about the possibility of needing long-term care.

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