Another Valentine’s Day has come and gone. The champagne is finished, your flowers may have sighed their last breath and the chocolates have somehow mysteriously disappeared, however there is one thing that will live on.  You would not have found it in a card, flower or chocolate store because they do not sell it there but I believe it is one of the most precious gifts that a person can receive.  It is purchased with more than just money, it is a gift that is given as a result of a deep love and outlives anything that one can receive as a declaration of love from one person to another—have you ever heard about a gift that I call The Legacy of Love?

The Legacy of Love is nothing more than…life insurance.  People do not usually think of life insurance as a gift for significant others on Valentine’s Day, but think about it for a minute.  If you had not come home on February 15, what would the other gifts people traditionally give do to keep your loved ones safe?  Life insurance is there when you need it, not if you need it!

A Legacy of Love is a financial safety net that outlives Valentine’s Day and every other day of the year for that matter.  It makes sure that:

  • mortgage payments will be met
  • household bills will not go unpaid
  • parents can stay home with their preschool children
  • medical bills will not pile up
  • children can go to the college or university of their choice
  • those left behind can live with dignity and not despair

Losing my 39-year-old husband in less than sixty seconds thrust me into a world where every time I turned around, someone had their hand out asking me for money.  The only person with their hand out giving me money was my life insurance advisor.  I truly believe if I had to pick myself up off the floor financially as well as emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually, I would not be whole and standing upright as I am today.

While I realize that life insurance is not something you can touch, smell or taste I can guarantee you that it is the greatest hug you can continue to give someone long after you are gone.