As you read this, I have just wrapped up four days in Vancouver with 11,000 of my closest new friends. What an absolute thrill of a lifetime for me to speak at one of the most prestigious financial services conferences in the world, MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table) and on my home soil to boot.

About MDRT

Founded in 1927, the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT), The Premier Association of Financial Professionals®, is a global, independent association of more than 43,000 of the world’s leading life insurance and financial services professionals from more than 500 companies in 67 countries. MDRT members demonstrate exceptional professional knowledge, strict ethical conduct and outstanding client service. MDRT membership is recognized internationally as the standard of excellence in the life insurance and financial services business.

An invitation to present at MDRT is a coveted speaking opportunity and follows an arduous process to be chosen. First, you have to be recommended as a potential speaker; you cannot submit yourself for consideration.  Recommended speakers are short-listed and there is a vetting process to be invited to submit a proposal. Once you are invited to submit a presentation proposal you are appointed a Captain who works with you to prepare a draft proposal for consideration. If you are selected to present your presentation, you must next go through a committee for review of your presentation to receive comments and feedback.  To complete the process you then present a final written presentation that will be published in a bound book for all participants to receive. Finally yet importantly, you are appointed a Speaker Liaison who is responsible for getting you to rehearsal the day before the presentation and to the presentation the day of so you do not get lost in the Vancouver Convention Centre. Your liaison is responsible to introduce you and handle the Q & A session. In my case, to get me to my one-hour book signing session in the MDRT store afterwards. For me this truly was the dream of a lifetime!

Right about now you might be asking yourself why I am sharing all of this with you. The reason I am sharing it because it was a huge opportunity and it did not just happen overnight – it has taken me my entire career in the financial services industry to get here. Over 25 years of firsthand experience as an advisor building four separate client bases and in two of the cities, I did not know a soul; time as a sales manager recruiting, selecting and training new advisors to do what I had done; years as a head office executive heading up the sales training division of three large life insurance companies. Time spent writing and ultimately self-publishing a best-selling book and comprehensive planning binder; countless hours speaking free at company events, networking groups and today delivering keynote speeches all over North America; three coaches that I worked with to get my book out and my business backend in shape and running smoothly.

If it takes a village to raise a child, then it takes an army to help a business owner get to where they are and they cannot do it alone. There are very few overnight successes in the world – entrepreneurs, sales professionals and executives have all paid their dues, put in the time and so must you! You all know what the definition of insanity is: doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting the same results. Therefore, if you are tired of doing it alone and getting the same results as always…

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