Join the Courageous Conversation

Do you control your money and your financial future, or does it control you?

What if I told you that we usually reach adulthood without a realistic sense of our family’s finances and are not having the necessary ‘courageous conversations’ about money because information-based money discussions are ‘off limits’.

Think about this for a moment, how prepared would you be for some of the harsher realities of life such as a job loss, divorce, critical join-the-claim-your-lifeor terminal illness,or worse the sudden death of a loved one? Read more

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Jane in The Media

  • Jane Blaufus appears on the Lang & O’Leary Exchange. Click to view media page

  • Pattie Lovett – Reid CTV National News Interview with Jane Blaufus. Click to view media page


I have known Jane for many years. A woman of great passion for people and everything she touches. We can all learn from her. A masterpiece!
George B. Sigurdson, President
Sigurdson Financial Group, Million Dollar Round Table, Top of the Table
Finally, a much needed resource that should be a must read for everyone. Based on heart wrenching personal experience, Jane has dedicated her time and energy to helping others prepare themselves for the death of a loved one. And when (not if) that time comes, the checklist provides a hands on list of steps that will undoubtedly help those dealing, struggling, and coping with loss. The preparedness this book provides will be an immense help in time of need.
Kathryn Reid, Corporate Vice President
Assessment & Developments Solutions, LIMRA and LOMA
Jane Blaufus deftly mixes all the necessary ingredients for a top notch book. She addresses and educates her readers on the painful subject of illness and death and the “business” side of dealing with it. She combines her years of experience in the insurance world along with personal stories and wraps it all up with a good dose of humour and common sense. As a therapist, I insist all my clients have a copy.
Heidi Cowie, Life Coach, Author and Speaker
I absolutely recommend having Jane at your conference…..she will be the highlight of your day, week and month!!!!! There are not enough great words to describe what Jane offers in relation to our industry, perspective and lives as a whole. She will instill the passion back to those that have lost it and inspire those that don’t have it along with adding the human element of perspective to everyone.
Judy Ruttle, Certified Financial Planner
I had the pleasure of having Jane speak at our Women’s Leadership Xchange luncheon. WOW! Jane is an energetic, passionate, and dynamic speaker. She speaks from the heart and captures an audience with every word. Jane’s message was an important one for all women in the room. Her story is an emotional one that had everyone sitting on the edge of their seats and feeling the experience as if they were right beside Jane as it happened. Jane is very talented and I would recommend her in a heartbeat!
Megan Harris, Director, Communications at the City of Waterloo